Thursday, May 13, 2010

Eclectic useful links

A post to put some links: it will get added to over time.

John Kilcullen on medieval natural rights. Page of links to a wide range of his publications.
Jonathan Haidt’s home page.
Structured procrastination essays.

Books and Writers
The book depository.
Links to collected writings of Lorna Salzman.

Economics and public policy
About the lack of a common analytical language in monetary economics.
The Agenda website.
Chicago economist John Cochrane’s recent pieces page.
John H. Bishop's publications on education and learning.

Film and TV
Box office mojo.
Pierre Rehov’s documentaries.
Battlestar Galactica wiki

The water cure.
Whole health source blog.
Is there such a thing as fat free eating? From the free the animal blog.
About the connection between the flexibility of your body and the flexibility of your arteries.
About stress and health. About “ultra wellness”.

The cliodynamics website (Peter Turchin).
The crusades encyclopedia. Entry on Karen Armstrong.
Michael Z Williamson on bows.

Mark Durie’s website.
Raymond Ibrahim on Islam’s doctrine of deception.

The Encyclopedia of Homosexuality.
Prof. Joan Roughgarden on Nature Abhors a Category
The gay and Christian website.
The God-the-exterminator nativity story from The Golden Legend.
Vatican on homosexuals as metaphysically deformed.
Burning alive participants in same-sex marriage ceremony in C16th Rome.

Vic Info
Victorian weather forecasts.
Vipassana meditation courses.

Free file hosting made simple.

Economic history


  1. For books I've recently discovered the book depositry (UK). They deliver worldwide for free...