Monday, June 22, 2009

Me on Radio National

I will be on Counterpoint on Radio National at about 4.30pm Monday, EST talking about the medieval origins of Western civilisation. My appearance was prompted by host Michael Duffy reading this post.

ADDENDA: The podcast will turn up here.


  1. Hi there,

    I quite enjoyed your discussion on the origins of Western civilisation on Counterpoint. Well done.


  2. My mental map of the DNA of democracy was challenged and I'd like to know more.The idea that we owe some of our cultural fundamentals to Germany is a healthy counterpoint to stereotyping about fascism.
    Is your hypothesis examined in dpeth anywhere?


  3. Damian, thanks for the compliment.

    Eva, or is that Frank?, the notion that Western civilisation has Germanic roots is an old one. For example, C17th and C18th English radicals used to talk of the Norman Conquest destroying Saxon freedom.

    Chapter Five of David Gress's From Plato to Nato is a good place to start, as he explicitly discusses the interaction of such ideas with reactions to fascism.