Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Piety Display not Virtue Signalling

I have an essay in Areo Magazine arguing that piety display is often a more accurate term than virtue signalling for what people are typically referring to. The piece then examines the dynamics of, and the reasons for, political correctness. Read it here.


  1. That, my man, is a *damn* fine essay. Seriously. It blew me away. That's one of the few web essays that I knew that I was going to have to go back to a couple of times. That's an essay to be proud of. Thanks very much for leaving that link.

  2. I'm like this

  3. I enjoyed the article, through a bit wordier than the usual direct Lorenzo style. Lorenzo's rapier was out, with a bit of a rococo flourish.

    I have to say, however, there is shading and posturing all around.

    Somehow, it is just not done in Western intellectual circles to talk much about the repression, suppression and oppression that has become Red China. You can talk to some Hong Kongers and Taiwanese about this, but sotto voce.

    I suspect this is because the multinationals are deeply compromised, to put it mildly, and also "free trade' is sacralized as a knee-jerk reaction. A GM, a BlackRock (world's largest investor), an Apple, a Wal-Mart simply must toe the Beijing line, and the multinationals finance the globalists in the US (as well as foundations, think tanks, media, lobby groups, academia, and even political campaigns),

    It is lamentable to remember Apple's long-ago "1984" Super Bowl, in which an athletically clad blonde girl (jiggling boobs, btw) throws a sledgehammer through a 1984-style screen of a sermonizing myrmidon. Freedom from repressors!

    The PC-crowd is annoying, left-wing or right-wing

    Right now, it is deep PC to say nothing about Red China.

    Now Apple makes everything in Red China---sheesh, if even Apple kowtows, it is not enough, and they know it. Look what happened to Apple sales in China after the Huawei snag.

    And Apple has fiduciary obligations to shareholders, that easily eclipse social concerns, such as human and civil rights.

    Now that is not PC to say!

    1. Thanks Ben. Widening the scope would have taken a lot more words!